We look at our customers' evolving supply chain needs and seamlessly design logistics solutions that best fit their needs.

Fully Equipped Modern Fleet & Monitoring

80 company owned vehicles, consisting of super link tautliners. Motorworld Logistics is constantly growing and evolving with the trends in the market.

Supplying the needs and demands with a holistic approach to enhance visibility, prioritize significant risks and provide a clear roadmap to regulatory compliance and revenue protection. Our fleet is monitored 24h by a dedicated tracking team using C-Track (real-time tracking).

All our vehicles are also equipped with a 4 channel MDVR camera system. With this capability we can monitor driver behavior and control movement, allowing for appropriate driver fatigue management and risk possibility identification.

Support & Comprehensive Maintenance

All vehicles at Motorworld Logistics are bought brand new. Under factory warranty and have comprehensive repair and maintenance contracts. Our fleet includes Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Scania vehicles.

Motorworld Logistics enabled the possibility of on site, as well as roadside maintenance and assistance capabilities through our facilities available at our fingertips. This allows for rapid response in case of vehicle down time or restriction of movement.

Our onsite facilities consist of maintenance teams and technicians. Vehicles are monitored and inspected regularly to minimize possibilities of breakdowns and to ensure vehicles run as cost effective as possible.

Performance & Standards

Motorworld Logistics created an exceptional standard withing the transport trade. Our service is time and cost driven, ensuring we save the customer both.

The standards and performance of Motorworld Logistics is closely monitored and re-evaluated regularly to ensure we meet operational criteria and stay in line with all legislative requirements. The company has two depots with ample facilities to create the image of the Motorworld Logistics brand. We know that each client is different and therefore we strive to meet each individual need with top quality and performance.

We deliver consistent service due to the “drive – principle”. Supplying transport with a holistic approach. We choose possibility in every route.

about us

Innovation with a purpose

Motorworld Logistics is a privately owned logistics company, established in 2015, servicing clients nationwide as well as cross border to Namibia. Our head office is based in Cape Town with a depot also located in Johannesburg (Centurion).

This giving us the advantage of:

Our determined and focused team makes all opportunities possible.

recent developments

Development is a major “time-saver”

Our vast growing company required the improvement and ease of managing our fleet. With that being said, we are pleased to share the development of our Johannesburg (Centurion) depot, which includes: parking bays, control room facilities, security, driver quarters, wash bay, forklifts, maintenance facilities and a fueling station.

We look forward to the future with great aspiration. Follow our journey as we start, here.

How we deliver

Capacity. Size. Infrastructure.

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client satisfaction

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Transport innovation

sustainable technology for your Projects

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